Leaders in Construction

Our  commitment to quality, workmanship, and customer satisfaction allows us to naturally take on the most complex projects. We meet the high expectations our customers ask of us on a consistent basis.

We attribute our 70 years of success to a leadership group that is comprised of the most well-respected and skilled business minds in the field. Their dedication to leading of the next generation of skilled laborers and in-house master craftsmen is critical and underscores an already successful outlook for current and future Group Oxygen clients.

Group Oxygen performs nearly 90% of our annual volume through construction management services, most performed for repeat clients. This success begins with a team-based construction management approach that calls for the earliest possible collaboration with the client and design team to envision the project together, define its goals and establish a customized project plan. In our role as construction manager, Oxygen professionals draw on a foundation of expertise, leadership and partnership to organize and lead the team to a successful outcome and to complete client satisfaction.

  Construction Design Consulting

Figuring out the fine details during the planning stages instead of on the job site is critical.

Design Consulting allows GROUP OXYGEN to utilize our knowledge and experience to identify solutions to any pre-construction issues.  Design consulting can result in big savings for our customers as we identify and solve issues that may have resulted in costly change orders once the work begins.

  Construction Management

From Concept To Implementation

With GROUP OXYGEN overseeing construction management on your project, we are able to provide additional value during every step of the project. Our construction management processes allows us to positively influence the timeline, cost, and quality of your project.

We handle:
Initial Planning
Customer Hand Off


Consolidating Process

GROUP OXYGEN offers Design and Build services, our contracting method that simplifies the relationship between client, architect, and general contractor.

Previously, clients would hire two companies to complete the tasks of a project, but that practice can lead to delays and/or problems during construction. Contracting with a Design and Build firm like GROUP OXYGEN means one contractor, one proposal, and one delivery date.

  General Contracting

Your Project. We Deliver.

With GROUP OXYGEN acting as your general contractor, you have our experts on your job site, great communication during each step of your project, and solutions that put the customers needs first.

We handle:
On Site Management

Our design services ensure that your project starts and proceeds with little to no interruptions or surprises.