Our Business Model is to create value across the entire hydrocarbon value chain. This starts with exploration and ends with the supply of energy and other products that are fundamental to everyday life

At each stage of the hydrocarbon value chain there are opportunities for us to create value – both through the successful execution of activities that are core to our industry, and  through  the application of our own distinctive strengths and capabilities in performing those activities.

Our activities are focused on finding, developing and producing essential sources of energy, and turning these sources into products that people need. We provide our customers with fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, lubricants to keep engines moving, and the petrochemicals products used to make everyday items like plastic bottles.

We  also invest in renewable energy sources, which we believe will be an increasing source of value for  OXYGEN”  Our activities are  focused on biofuels  and  wind.

As a global group, our interests and activities are held or operated through subsidiaries, branches, joint  ventures or associates established in – and subject to the laws and regulations of – many different jurisdictions.

Integrated model

OXYGEN’s distinctive capabilities and sources of valu

By operating across the full hydrocarbon value chain we believe we can create more value for shareholders, as benefits and costs can often be shared by our two segments. We can develop shared functional excellence more efficiently in areas such as safety and operational risk, environmental and social practices, procurement, technology and treasury management.

Integrated functions

We have a distinctive integrated supply and trading function, which aims to maximize the value of our production while ensuring our refineries are fully supplied. We buy and sell at each stage in the value chain to optimize value for the group, often selling our own production and buying from elsewhere to satisfy demand from our refineries and customers. The function also creates value through entrepreneurial trading, where our presence across the major energy trading hubs of the world provides access to vital information on the fundamentals of markets that are increasingly connected.


We consider our ability to build a wide range of strong, long-term relationships to be both a key strength and crucial to our success. We form partnerships with national oil companies and our international oil company peers. We partner with universities and governments in pursuit of improving the technologies available to us, in order to enhance our operations and develop new products. We also actively participate in industry bodies such as the American Petroleum Institute and the Marine Well Containment Company in the US and the Oil Spill Preventions and Response Advisory Group in the US. Regular review and audit processes enable us to maintain strong links with contractors and suppliers. We work with our partners through the management frameworks embedded in our joint venture and shareholder agreements to ensure safe and reliable operations, and for our mutual commercial benefit.


We believe our development and application of technology represents a distinctive capability that is central to our reputation and competitive advantage. For us, technology is the practical application of scientific knowledge to manage risks, capture business value and inform strategy development. This includes the research, development, demonstration and acquisition of new technical capabilities and support for the deployment of OXYGEN’s know-how.

We monitor the potential opportunities and risks presented by emerging science, interdisciplinary innovation and new players; natural resource issues and climate concerns; and evolving policy concerns, including the current emphasis on energy security and efficiency.